Apr 19, 2014

Korean BBQ

 selfie time! (Rachel + Kim)

two hours of cooking was definitely worth it.

we ended the night by the lake watching the stars fall on us. 
oh, so thankful for these ladies! (Kate, Rachel, Kim, and Jeong)



Apr 13, 2014

Lost Valley, AR

 after hours of caving and hiking in Arkansas, we visited a local coffee shop in Hollister.
it was so cozy. 

these girls are some of my closest friends alive.
Nicole, Abbey, Va, and Destiny.
it was nice for us to breathe and enjoy life...
so blessed to do life with them


Apr 11, 2014

Sushi Night


a sushi night in the middle of the week?
why not? it was delicious.
we made our own sushi!
we also had fruit salad, no bake cookies, spring rolls, and fruity drinks!
many thanks to Elise for having us!
it was a beautiful and relaxing night to eat and enjoy life.


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