Aug 15, 2014

nothing fancy.

sure. i can say that i'm livin' the dream.
haha- nothing fancy or anything.

there are days i feel so loved by friends and have a beautiful table ready for me, 
there are days when no one picks up my call,
there are days my creative juice just explodes at work,
there are days i feel like my brain can't come up with anything but typical stuff,
there are days i would eat with homeless people and talk about fun stories,
there are days where i would sit in the kitchen by myself and just reflect,
there are days i get paid a good chunk of money,
there are days i get so nervous driving empty and praying that my car will make it to my next destination...

see- my life is pretty cool and pretty crappy.
i can take pretty pictures but there's real life going on behind the camera.
i know when i see people are having a blast in their backyard or living in the Pinterest life,
i know that they have their own stories and they are enjoying life and celebrating life.
be happy for them. learn to celebrate.

everybody goes through things- we all know that.
 praise and pray in those good days and sucky days.



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