May 29, 2013

Road trip to Conway with Friends.

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Sarah @floralmountains
Whitney @smith_whitney
Allie @allistrange
Hunter @hunterairheart
Andrew @andrewedwrds
Jayme @gzer86
Brenton @brenton_clarke
Kyle @kylesteed

May 22, 2013

Anna's Backyard

this is my dear Anna's backyard. i'm sure you have met her. she is a wonderful baker who owns dough a dear. she opened up her backyard for sweet ones to enjoy one another. we brought in many different kinds of mexican food and enjoyed each other's presence. i think we all agreed that this was probably the best summer party ;) 

 summer has officially entered my life. 
strawberry lemonade and friendship is all i want  on a hot summer night.

have a fresh wednesday friends.

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