May 5, 2013

Pineapple Whip with Sharon & Jake

oh sharon and jake. they are so wonderful. 
sharon is a very lovely girl. she is not only cute and pretty, she is very creative and funny. if you love creative artsy people, you should visit her blog
jake is a goofball. he is like my bro from another mother haha. we work together at a dorm and whenever we are on duty, we basically make fun of everything. including ourselves...haha
my favorite thing about these two is that they love christ, and their lifestyles reflect Christ's love. they have beautiful hearts toward people...and i love that about them.  
i will miss them a lot. i  will miss teasing that boy and having blog talks with that girl.


  1. Love these pictures. What a sweet couple. Pineapple Whip is the BEST! I always have a mild panic attack when they close for the winter. :)

    1. thank you so much. they are a beautiful sweet couple:)
      i agree with you girl. Pineapple whip is the bomb.


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