Jun 24, 2013


this is my new friend Jake. it was a lot  fun spending the first day of summer with him! he is a barista at starbucks, and he has a kind heart to give me refreshing drinks once awhile:-)
we had a fun time exploring some sketchy places around the town haha. love to have to friends who are so daring and love adventures. jake is a fun sweet guy! i'm sure y'all will see his face more often!

Jun 18, 2013

City Museum, St. Louis

city museum, st. louis

this day was a blast with nicole and ro. we were originally planning on visiting the world aquarium and found out that the world aquarium was located inside of this funky building. we just bought the tickets and started exploring everywhere. unfortuantely, none of us was ready for this chaos but awesome world. just have to say that dress, huge bag packs, wedge heels, and cameras did not stop us.  we were more excited about everything about this museum than any other kids. one little girl asked me why i was taking pictures... i told her that i've never been here, and she goes "that make sooooo much sense" rolls her eyes and walks away. ooooh shoot girlfriend. hahaha 

Jun 13, 2013

Sweet Dears.

aren't they beautiful? they are some of my sweetest girlfriends. last wednesday, some of these girls joined me in worship and prayer, and i have to say that holy spirit was in the house. we laughed, we cried, we sang, we prayed, and our Father was around us. they are beautiful inside and out. i feel blessed to be surrounded with these girls who are so creative, loving, joyful, and just sweat hearts. they are my dear sisters in christ. 

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Sarah @floralmoutains

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