Jun 24, 2013


this is my new friend Jake. it was a lot  fun spending the first day of summer with him! he is a barista at starbucks, and he has a kind heart to give me refreshing drinks once awhile:-)
we had a fun time exploring some sketchy places around the town haha. love to have to friends who are so daring and love adventures. jake is a fun sweet guy! i'm sure y'all will see his face more often!


  1. I love following your blog, and seeing all the pictures because (1) they're fantastic and (2)I get to see all these places around Springfield that I recognize! I actually took some photos with a friend down on Commercial this week too. We also ventured into some pretty sketchy parts of town. Haha.

    Also, that Tiffany Amber Thiessen shirt is all kinds of amazing.

    1. that is so great that you are from this area:-)
      maybe one day ill bump into ya!

      thank you so much for sweet words!



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