Apr 25, 2013

Good Thursday.

meet some cool people from my school! 

the curly hair girl nicole and the glasses girl abbey are my besties. they are some of the most funniest and sweetest people i know. i hope you can meet them someday. 

even though we all have different majors and different schedules, we try our best to have dinner together every tuesdays and thursdays. today was so beautiful so we decided to eat outside! 
mmmm what a great day. hope y'all rock finals next week! 






Apr 24, 2013

Danielle part II

Danielle instagram @danidearestt

this is my last week of school! next week will be my finals and then its...SUMMER BREAK! i only have one more year of college and then ill be a REAL explorer haha.

anyways- i don't know if y'all are big fan of Instagram...but i am. recently i created a hashtag called #dearbrosis. it's basically where you share what God is doing in your life and sharing with your sisters and brothers in Christ. i have seen couple of post, and it's really encouraging to me and others. i would love to read your post someday:)  

hope to meet ya at instagram! find me @seinbox. 

it's a little bit cold today here in Springfield, MO. 
stay warm and have a blessed Wednesday.

Apr 21, 2013


hey friends! meet my sweet girl Danielle. she is absolutely lovable girl. she is gifted in the art field. basically she can do all things like printmaking, painting, cardboard chair making, and more. i had a great time spending time with this girl. she is only 19 and she's rocks all our socks off haha. maybe when i have a chance, i will share with y'all her artworks! 

so much love for this girl! 
find her on instagram @danidearestt

have a blessed sunday sisters and brothers. 

Apr 15, 2013

Last Weekend in Dallas

 last weekend, Anna, Jesse, and I drove to Dallas, Texas! we saw Anna's all time favorite band, Frightened Rabbit haha. she loves them so much. before the show, we spent some time with Shawn Thompson, my instagram friend! it was so good meeting this guy! we quickly became good friends and went on a short adventure around the town. overall,  Dallas was so good. mmm I'm sure ill see you again. 

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shawn thompson @srt4shawn
anna berman @doughadear

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