Apr 5, 2013

New York to Michigan

i went on a trip to new york last week to see my dad. it has been one year and a half that i haven't seen him. he is so lovable. you will love him if you can meet him. i had wonderful time photographing some important people including Ban Gi Moon, UN secretary general. my dad and i became new yorker for couple of days and then traveled down to Michigan. we collaborated as a one team and he preached and i sang at a chinese church. it was so wonderful to see fourteen people getting baptized and meeting new friends. it is amazing to see how much God is working in china.

he is my funny goofy lovely dad!
 Also, i had the privilege to meet my instagram friend Allie. we soon became insta-friends haha. she is a lovely lovely girl. we jam to JT and ate some nasty good ice cream. if y'all have instagram, check her out @allistrange. can't wait for her to come visit next month:)


  1. Really lovely pictures! And yes God is really amazing and He still works miracles even to this day! :)

  2. beautiful photos! love the birds eye view scenes of NY.

  3. sein, you are such a lovely soul.

  4. wow! Love your photos!
    :) Liz @ rusticpeach.com

  5. These are just beautiful. You have an amazing eye!

  6. oh, your photographs are nothing sort of amazing. everything on this post was extremely inspiring, i can't wait to scroll through your old ones.

    lindsey louise


  7. these pictures are incredible. especially that first one! you are so talented!


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