Mar 4, 2013

T H A N K Y O U note

i'm not trying make a huge deal out of the number 21, but i really wanted to share what you my friends shared with me this saturday, March 2, 2013. my saturday started early with my Refresh ministry leaders. they are few of my asian friends who gather young students and help them build their faith. they allowed me to team up with them as a worship leader, and honestly i gained so much more than i gave. every camp that i get be part of, God works. he works powerfully in many young students' hearts. i was so happy to start off my day with them. afterwards i had lovely lunch with my family. when i say family, i mean my two roommates. they are most loving and caring people i know. one of my roommates gave me a tripod as a gift. you have no idea... i always wanted a tripod that doesn't sink to the ground and actually holds a camera haha. another roommate of mine gave me a beautiful typography art in a gold frame to add into my frame collection. she knows me well. 

I N S T A M E E T! haha i met with many different instagramers and explored around the forest. i always wanted to meet with different photographers and talk. wait i mean photograph...;) we ran around for hours and finally warmed ourselves  in a coffee shop.  it was great to hear different views on instagram and photography in general.  it was a definitely a fun adventure for sure. can't wait for the weather to get warmer:)

my dear friend Anna opened up her house for more friends to celebrate. i have to say my favorite part of that night was when everyone surrounded me and prayed over me. i felt totally drunk by the lord when they started pouring out  blessings over me. i felt complete. i felt i could give it another go of a new year, new life with God and with these powerful sons and daughters of God, i felt His power. 

finally, thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday. i truly feel blessed. and to my friends back in Asia, i truly miss you guys. so sorry for being awful at keeping in touch. please forgive me! i promise i will fly back soon on a jet plane!  

i hope to share with you more of my adventure. i would love to continue to meet crazy awesome people and meet those of  you who are hiding somewhere haha 

ultimately, i am overly joyful to open my eyes wider to see God's presence and His power. He will break me down. He will raise me up. i shall not ask to run away but walk with me and let my eyes see the surroundings and see the reasons why. 



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