Jul 8, 2013

South Korea part I.

this is my bro. he's getting married in less than 2 weeks. 

and she is going to be my future sister in law:-)

my best friend Moa's little brother Sun Min :-) 

this is my best friend Moa (aka Momo ;-) i love how she loves going on adventures. she has the biggest heart for people. i'm so thankful to have a friend who went to all the countries i have been. most definitely blessed to be her friend. 

this is Zain and Zara. it's always nice to bump into cool UK friends in the subway. 

 this is Dahee. she is one of my closest sisters.  she came to the airport to surprise me! unfortunately, we missed each other by ten minutes (no phone issue). she found a way to find me...haha and i cannot thank her enough! i'm so glad we were able to spend some time together. lovely girl... love her. 


  1. You take such wonderful photos!

  2. These Photos are wonderful! :) Love them!

  3. Wish I'm there!
    :) Liz @ www.rusticpeach.com


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