Aug 31, 2013

Good Morning Friends

abbey, marshana, ashley, sein, and lauren

so school started for me this week... this is my last year to live it up as a wild college student. that's right. after this year, i have to pretend to be an adult. it's for sure going to be challenging. (haha)

these girls are always so bright. we had early breakfast together at gailey's, and we abosolutely had a blast.
they are funny, beautiful, and love our Father. so blessed to have them.

how about more breakfast yeh? 

Have a blessed Saturday:-)

1 comment:

  1. Love Gailey's. I'm fully convinced that there are few joys in life greater than a good breakfast with good friends.

    Enjoy your last year in college....from a current pretending adult to a future pretending adult. ;)


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