Oct 22, 2013

Mud Island with Kinsey

it was an incredible weekend in memphis. just being able to team up with kinsey was a blast. we danced and snapped pics at a wedding. and we ate a lot of food on the road haha.   feel very blessed to first time shooting/ hanging out with this girl. she is real and talented. more adventures ahead of us fo sure. 

kinsey @sincerelykinsey


  1. Hey! This is my hometown. As I moved away two years ago to the other side of the country, I really really enjoyed this. :) Thank you!!

  2. These are awesome photos, and I'm totally jealous you got to play with Kinsey! Looks so fun. You both need to come out to Cali so we can shoot weddings together here. Or I'll hit Memphis. Either way. :)

  3. These are so so fun! :) Kinsey is awesome!


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