Dec 2, 2013

White Thanksgiving

i wanted to do something different for this thanksgiving break. i took a train to see my best friend Moa in south bend, IN! her sweet roommate, Julia, made me incredible delicious korean dish for thanksgiving day. later that day, we took a long walk around the town and took couple snow pictures. it was one thankful day with them.

after thanksgiving day, Moa and I took a train to Chicago to meet 3 special people 1. Julia, my high school friend who goes to chicago art institute for fashion design 2. Hyun Jung, my church friend from Thailand 3. Grace, who i met on a plane 4years ago.

 this is Moa, and she is my best friend! seriously, she is the best trip planner.

this is julia, the great host! she allowed Moa and I stay in her warm. apartment. we ate giordano's pizza and enjoyed the view of Chicago downtown from her apartment. its always nice to see Julia in chicago.

this is Hyun Jung. she is a very lovely girl. we went to a same church in Thailand. every sunday, Moa, Hyun Jung, and i had a blast eating lunch together and talking about life;-)

and this is Grace. she is very special to me. when i took my first flight to america, i was so nervous. i prayed to God "please let a sweet person sit next to me! this is a long 13hours flight!" who knew, grace was the sweetest girl i have met on a plane. she made sure i got my luggages and hop into the right plane. so blessed to see her again after 4years later.

what a thankful week. 


  1. such an encouraging blog post -the way you write is truly inspiring and so positive. i enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving adventures :)
    anyways, it's always great finding other christian bloggers. if you want to,you can check out my freshly baked blog - :)
    God bless!

    1. thank you girl for stopping by! i love your photography:-)

  2. Beautiful images! I greatly wished it snowed in Texas.

  3. Oh such beautiful images. I wish I could have a white Christmas. Its going to be a sandy one for me in Sydney :)

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful!(: Great blog!


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