Jan 21, 2014


2 Payment for the Italy Mission trip is PAYED!
that means you helped me to buy plane tickets to fly to Italy to sing about Jesus with Heartsong!
feeling absolutely thankful by you. 

feel free to share your photo to #reachitaly2014 and i would love to see you with the calendar. 
here are some of dear ones posted on instagram / blog of 2014 calendar.
their hearts are so beautiful.


 Lisa & Ashley 


you can order you calendar today! i will only be available until February!
Leave your email address on the comment box or email me directly to seinboxphoto@gmail.com

Update on Heartsong worship team: we will be ministering in Wellspring Church in Blytheville, Arkansas this weekend. for next couple of weeks, we will be hardcore practicing for Italy worship songs! Very exciting. 

Please continue to pray for us! 


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  1. Oh this is so exciting!! Praise God for what you all are doing. That's amazing.


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