Jan 10, 2015

Saturday Morning

Saturdays are super. I don't know why but I get super motivated on Saturdays. I checked off 4 out of 6 things that I wanted to do today. One of those two things that I didn't do was to learn my midi controller. Recently, I purchased a midi controller that has 49 keys and different cool buttons around it. But- I don't know why my fingers aren't as excited as my heart. I'm just waiting for my fingers to get excited... I guess.

I have been listening to Ed's song "thinking out loud" on repeat. It's ridiculous how many times I've listen to it. Also, I bought Years and Years' and River Valley Church's newest album. Those two albums are incredible. 

Currently, I don't know why but I'm listening to every versions of the song "love fool" while eating bacon donut at... 11pm. Whoever is following me on Spotify probably thinks that I left my computer ... nope. I'm still here.


1 comment:

  1. I feel this about Sundays since I'm working almost all saturdays, but the feeling is all the same haha and I can't stop listening to Blank Space by Taylor <3 spotify followers and last.fm friends probably think the same about me :P

    I've been reading your blog since last year, and only now I had the courage to say hi: Hi! :D haha


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