Jun 2, 2014

Colorado Part III.

his name is pap. he told us so many stories of his life. his stories were very fascinating.
nicole and i enjoyed his company a lot. what a cool homeless grandpa...

i'm glad that nicole and i really made our graduation trip happen.
abbey, va, nicole and i made a list of things that we wanted to do this on our senior year, 
and we actually knocked almost everything!
except we didn't get to sleep over in the library...

we did some wild things... and i'm glad that we were cray enough to do it haha
anyways, on our last couple days in colorado springs, nicole and i walked around the garden of gods.
oh my... this place is amazingly beautiful.

hope you enjoy these images and fall in love with God's creation once again.



1 comment:

  1. I love people that tell stories! How cool that you got to meet that man. And these are some great photos. I love how red the rocks are! God makes amazing things. :D


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