Jun 15, 2014

St. Louis / my new place

So this is the FTF: food truck friday!
i met two girls name Yaniel and Meredith.
we tried honey bbq wings and tater tots from a black truck, and it was real good.

i don't think i have told you that i moved to st.louis, mo or not
but this city is my new place.
it has been five days that I've lived here, and so far- i'm liking it.
not gonna lie... I've experienced some culture shock.
it's definitely different from my little town springfield.

i feel blessed to be here. i'm sure i will keep you posted on my life in st. louis!

hope your sunday is filled with blessings and joy!


1 comment:

  1. St. Louis is a gem! You'll love it. Food Truck Friday is one of my favorite days of the summer! Your photos are beautiful, by the way! Be sure to check out City Garden, the Botanical Gardens, Cherokee St./Antique Row and The Loop. You'll love it!


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